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    Industrial GoldQuality Compressors at a Great Price.

    Industrial Gold Air Compressors

    We Set the Standard in Quality and Price.

    What More Could You Ask? Quality and affordability is designed into every air compressor we make. No question about it, these are the most reliable, easiest to use, and simplest to maintain compressors for the money. They’re eco friendly, too, thanks to an exclusive green manufacturing process which reduces each unit’s carbon footprint. And with over 35 years experience, you can rest assured that quality and affordability will continue to be our goal.

    Rotary Screw Compressors

    Quiet. Dependable. Efficient.

    Engineered with design simplicity, fewer parts mean a more reliable compressor and years of service. The control panel is simple to operate and simple to trouble shoot. With the IG Smart Control system, we manufacture the easiest to operate and service compressor in its class.

    5-250 HP vertical, horizontal, duplex, enclosed and basemount models available.

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    Industrial-duty Reciprocating Compressors

    Built for Business.

    IG Industrial Series compressors are designed automotive and industrial applications. Built with large bore low rpm pumps, disc and spring valves and centrifugal unloaders the compressors are made to last and ready to work.

    5-30 HP Vertical or Horizontal models available.

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    The Cube Air System

    The Ultimate in Flexibility and Longevity.

    The Cube Air System is designed to be the simplest to purchase, own, and operate compressor in the world. An industry first, it allows you to purchase a functioning compressor without having to purchase an air receiver.

    5-15 HP reciprocating, rotary screw and engine driven models available.

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    Portable Compressors

    Ready to Work Wherever.

    IG commercial gas and diesel compressors are designed for applications that require air on the go. Designed with durability and reliability in mind these compressors simpler to use and easier to maintain than any other compressor in this class. With stainless steel flex discharge lines and industrial duty drive engines these compressors are built to get work done.

    Chose from Commercial and Industrial-duty Reciprocating or Rotary Screw models. Electric, Engine or Hydraulic driven.

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    Air for Every Application

    Duplex Air Compressors

    With two compressors in the same space as one you have built in redundancy and additional air when needed. Available in reciprocating and rotary screw models.

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    Enclosed Compressors

    When you need to keep things quiet. Designed for for the shop that wants minimum dba’s and maximun productivity .

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    Compressors for small businesses with occasional use, home, or the do it yourselfer.

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    Generator/Welder Packages

    When you need all the right tools to get the job done on-site. These units combine air, electrical power, jumpstarters and welders in a single compact system.

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    Air Treatment Products

    Keep your compressors and operations performing at their best while delivering cool, clean and dry air.

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    Engine Driven Compressors

    Designed to provide compressed air in remote locations or for emergency production line needs. Great performance in a compact system with a maximun 50% duty cycle.

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    Oil-Free Compressors

    For the medical, agricultural, food, beverage and laboratory environments that require tools or processes have oil-free air.

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    Hydraulic Driven Compressors

    High air output in efficient, compact, powerful and lightweight units. Available in reciprocating and rotary screw models.

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    Get The Air You Need

    Choose the Correct Compressor

    Reciprocation? Rotary Screw? Not sure? We have guides and recommendations that will help you find the best compressor for your application.

    Get What's Right
    cfm Calculator

    Determine your needs based on total cfm usage, the types of tools you use, number of users, or any combination of these.

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    Voltage Drop Calculator

    A simple guide to help you choose the correct size unit based on available power.

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    Why Buy an Industrial Gold Compressor?

    It’s simple. We manufacture many of our own parts, use only the best components and assemble every unit by hand to ensure you get the best product on the market. Easy to own, simple to operate and maintain, our products offer the best value and highest quality available.

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